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One day it all started as a Hobby, and today its much more than that,

It's Kingster636 Games - The Ultimate Games Network.


Kingster636 is a group of passionate Designers, Programmers, Researchers, Concept developers and of course Game lovers, who came together to bring there imagination to life...

Meet Some Human's

You can have a cup of Coffee with these guy's, anytime you may like.

Vivek Sharma

This guy is the Founder and CEO of Kingster636 Games, also he is a Unity Expert and an AR/VR Specialist , He also have a rich background of 3D data architecture and designing , and have a vast experience of working with Unity3d , Cocos2dx , Unreal Engine , Microsoft Hololens , Goggle Tango , ARKit , ARCore , etc. , and also he have done alot of games for multiple platforms like Android , Ios , Tizen , Universal Windows , P.S , xBox , etc

Rahul Anand

Rahul is the Head of Backend Development of games developed by Kingster636 Games, He have an experience of 5 years in Development of websites, creating and handling API's. He have a great fluency in working with PHP and NodeJs along with their best known Popular Frameworks and also happy to learn and work with new technologies.

Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav is the Lead Game Developer at Kingster636 Games, He is Responsible for making our games look like a beauty and run like a beast as he is very much fond of graphics. Along with game development he is also a Game Player and popularly called as Delta Lord.

Ashish Sharma

Ashish is the Marketing guy at Kingster636 Games. He have a rich background of marketing with different strategies and skills needed to reach out our games to the users. He works on different digital platforms to make our work available to all.

Yanik Kumar

Yanik is the UX/UI Developer at Kingster636 Games. He is responsible for the lookup and experience design for the user with his designing skills. His Frontend, Graphics & Design make your eyes believe in the work hence named as Believe Master .

Have similar feelings?

If you too feels, you also have a similar mindset and have a dream to be a Game developer, Then come join us.