Dine AR

Dine AR is an Augmented Reality Experience brought to you by Kingster636 Games for Indian Restaurants.

What is Dine AR-

Dine AR is an App which lets customers see a Realistic 3D replica of food before ordering the food in Augmented Reality.

How Dine AR Works-

Restaurants gets some marker Images to place in front of there customers on which the 3D Augmented food can be seen by the customers using an app.


Dine AR Example Marker

How Dine AR can help you-

  1. Reports says that people who sees the food before order have tendency to order upto 40% more.
  2. It lets customers see the quantity and the Ingredients of the food.
  3. Helps customers understand what the food actually will look like.
  4. Helps increase sales for restaurants and cafes.
  5. Increases level of satisfaction and trust in customers.


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